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Taking that idea from concept to reality requires a unique combination: creativity,
a desire for excellence and immaculate organizational skills.

The success of Miene Group is a result of the team working tirelessly to ensure that every component of the event unravels exactly as planned. WITHOUT LEAPS OF IMAGINATION, OR DREAMING, WE LOSE THE EXCITEMENT OF POSSIBILITIES. DREAMING, AFTER ALL, IS A FORM OF PLANNING. Our experience and expertise equips us to give you unparalleled service when it matters most – the planning, administration and execution of your event. There are no short cuts or compromises. We’re a young company with a mature approach. Since February 2011, we’ve been helping our clients deliver events, conferences, exhibitions, product launches and team days that are memorable and impactful.
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BTVi & Next Gen Publishing Car & Bike

India’s most prestigious, Commercial Vehicle Awards, Tech Awards and Car & Bike Awards conceptualized, curated and executed for Next Gen Publishing and BTVi. This event was executed with giving away 120+ awards in 3 different award shows over 2 days.

GJF – National Jewellery Awards

GJF is a Federation that unites manufacturers, retailers and exporters all over India for a common interest. National Jewellery Awards (NJA) honors every aspect, contribution and endeavor that goes in encouraging & enhancing innovation and creates masterpieces and new benchmarks in achieving greater business in our industry.


Miene Group & The Advertising Agencies Association of India have a shared vision to showcase the festival in a new and different way creating a new level of experience for the attendees.
Festival is designed and produced to an incredible international standard each and every year making it stand out from the other award properties.

MTV - Bollyland

MTV Bollyland is one of the biggest Bollywood music and dance festival. It sees the finest blend of music and entertainment, where Bollywood and EDM music comes together
It’s a ticketed show and sees a crowd of around 3000 + at each venue


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